Bonded warehouse

Import and export bonded warehouses, bonded warehouses, tax warehouses, temporary warehouses and authorized consignees.
With our Customs Warehouse as a base, all the necessary licenses for the various applicable customs regimes guaranteed and our specialized staff, we guarantee the handling and storage of your goods in accordance with all customs requirements.
We guarantee the execution of all customs procedures inherent in the unloading and delivery of goods, providing customers with a “one stop shop” service.

Customs bonded warehouse

  • Staff specialized in all types of cargo handling and consolidation, with a great deal of experience in this area;
  • Warehouse in Lisbon (Alverca) with an area of 4800 m² including Export and Import areas and for goods that require inspection and verification by DRAP, as well as 4000 m² of outdoor area for special services such as large goods and lashing services with the issue of a certificate;
  • Warehouse at the Port (Leixões) with an area of 2800 m² divided into Export, Warehouse, Temporary Deposit, Free Area and goods requiring inspection and verification by DRAP, as well as 1200 m² of outdoor area for special services;
  • Logistics warehouse with storage capacity for 750 pallets (120×80);
  • Fiscal warehouse with storage capacity for 150 pallets (120×80);
  • Access to our LOGCOM platform with the possibility of consulting incoming and outgoing movements, stock, issuing DME, issuing deposit tickets, etc;
  • Strong project development skills.

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